Twitter Trends - Muscat | Oman

Rank Trending Now Tweet volume
1 #مدينه_السلطان_هيثم Under 10K
2 #صباح_الخير 31565
3 #قانون_الحمايه_الاجتماعيه Under 10K
4 البركه العامر Under 10K
5 روما 35127
6 مورينهو 10538
7 مجلس الوزراء 11257
8 سالم بن عمر الهاشمي Under 10K
9 اشبيلية 31607
10 #ارث_المستقبل Under 10K
11 ديبالا Under 10K
12 صندوق عمان المستقبل Under 10K
13 #horeca_oman Under 10K
14 المساعدات السكنيه Under 10K
15 دعم مباشر Under 10K
16 الامان الوظيفي Under 10K
17 صندوق استثماري Under 10K
18 اختبار الفنون Under 10K
19 الدوري الاوروبي 12038
20 براس مال Under 10K
21 المدينه الاكثر Under 10K
22 مركز وطني Under 10K
23 الاطار الوطني Under 10K
24 البلاد المفدي Under 10K
25 موقع الجامعه Under 10K
26 المخصصات الماليه Under 10K
27 الحياه العصريه Under 10K
28 شهر مايو Under 10K
29 الرييس الاوغندي Under 10K
30 التوجيهات الساميه Under 10K
31 التنويع الاقتصادي Under 10K
32 الجهات المعنيه Under 10K
33 الاعتماد الاكاديمي Under 10K
34 الانموذج العمراني الجديد Under 10K
35 شرق المتوسط Under 10K
36 المدن الذكيه Under 10K
37 الهييه العمانيه Under 10K
38 التخطيط العمراني Under 10K
39 تعزيز النشاط الاقتصادي Under 10K
40 الجلسه المشتركه Under 10K
41 النهضه المتجدده Under 10K
42 ابو سيف Under 10K
43 التعليم العالي Under 10K
44 شهر يونيو Under 10K
45 الوحدات السكنيه Under 10K
46 جوده التعليم Under 10K
47 التحول الرقمي Under 10K
48 قادر علي التغلب Under 10K
49 طويل العمر Under 10K
50 الصارف الذهبي Under 10K

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How to find trending Twitter hashtags?

1) Go to the navigation bar, click on the slect country option drop down menu will appear. 2) Then select the country, for which you want to see the top twitter trending hashtags. 3) Particular page for the country will appear in which you can see the hashtag.

How to see what hashtags are trending on Twitter?

Location Trends identify popular topics among people in a specific geographic location. The number of Tweets that are related to the Trends is just one of the factors the algorithm looks at when ranking and determining trends. Algorithmically, Trends and hashtags are grouped together if they are related to the same topic.

Twitter hashtag trend analysis

Trends are determined by an algorithm and by default are tailored for the users based on who they follow, their interests, and their location. This algorithm identifies topics that are popular currently, rather than topics that have been popular for a while or on a daily basis, to help the users determine the hottest emerging topics and hashtags of discussion on Twitter. When signed into the account on, iOS, or Android, Trends will be tailored for the users based on their location and who they follow. There will be many world and local news events and conversations that will appear in their trends regardless of their personalization.

Search Twitter hashtag trends

Trends are available on the Twitter for iOS app, the Twitter for Android app, and . On Twitter's mobile apps, the user can find Trends listed under the Trends section of the Explore tab when signed in to on a desktop or laptop computer, Trends are listed in many places, including the Home timeline, Notifications, search results, and profile pages. Clicking or tapping any of the Trends takes you to the Twitter search results for that Trend. The users can see all Tweets including those phrases or hashtags. To see what people are saying about a previous Trend, perform a search for that keyword.
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